About Think Centric
Specialists in developing custom business strategies and creating integrated online digital strategies.

Think Centric was created to provide people with critically specialized thinking for their business, creating bespoke strategies, making good business decisions, and learning to integrate a plan into systems to ensure the success of a business. We are here to help you make the most of the resources around you – be it ambassador marketing, digital advertising or any other aspect.

Online integration strategy

Ensuring all aspects of your business are well integrated across all areas is what develops success. Speak to us about correlating all your strategies and messages and we’ll help you consistently deliver your brand the way you want to be heard.

Retail stock management

Think Centric offers efficient process driven consulting, providing effective solutions to your stock management difficulties. From supplier, logistics, distribution to a customer focus. We assist with end to end consulting.

Digital Ambassador management

Involving influencers and ambassadors in your digital strategy is an essential aspect but managing these people is where it gets tricky. We specialize in ambassador management, ensuring you get your benefits from them and they represent your brand as they should.

Digital business plan development

If the world hasn’t made you go digital yet, you are putting your business at a disadvantage. A digital business plan is created to ensure you have a strong online presence. We can create a digital plan, customised to you and your business, so that your brand is represented in the best way.

Services offered


Brick to click

  • Initial online strategy & competitor analysis
  • Development on online tools
    • Website, Social media, Online marketing
  • UX development and analysis
  • Digital stock integration and management

E-commerce strategic development

  • Online vs offline market analysis
  • Online feasibility studies
  • User experience and journey analysis/development
  • Retail/partner advisory and development

Online stock management

  • Warehousing and logistics advisory
  • Stock management system integration
  • Pick & Pack solutions
  • Stock sheet template creation

Online business development

  • Brand alignment
  • Partner alignment
  • Online product/service advisory & development

Digital integration

  • Website development
  • Social media creation and management
  • Google Ad management
  • Graphic design
  • Website hosting
  • Email and content creation

Procurement and stock analysis

  • Development on supplier relationships
  • Product & pricing analysis
  • Market pricing analysis
  • CSV product development and upload

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